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Prayer to St. Raphael (travelers)

O holy Archangel St. Raphael, I come to you seeking prayers and protection for all travelers, especially (name person).Whether traveling by land, sea or air I entrust them to your protection.Along with all the angels and saints I ask that you intercede on their behalf asking that their travels be free from incident and that […]


Prayer to St. Philomena (infertility)

O St. Philomena, powerful with God, I come to you asking your intercession for all those suffering through infertility, especially (name people).I confidently approach you for prayers on their behalf. I ask you to plead their cause before God asking that if it is His holy will that they conceive and give birth to a […]


Prayer to St. Peter Damian (insomniacs)

St. Peter Damian, you were an insomniac for a long period of time.   You understand how difficult it is to function after a sleepless night, how hard it is to be kind, understanding and loving when you are exhausted, how frustrating it is to be tired and unable to do your best. Please intercede […]


Prayer to St. Peregrine (cancer patients)

O blessed St. Peregrine, who was miraculously cured of an incurable cancer, I come before you on behalf of all those who suffer with cancer, especially (name person).I ask that you plead for them, asking God to bless their doctors with the wisdom and knowledge needed to bring their cancer into full remission or cure […]


Prayer to St. Pauline (diabetics)

O gracious St. Pauline of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus, I turn to you seeking your prayers on behalf of all those who suffer with diabetes, especially (name person).Go before the Lord and ask that He grant them the ability to manage their diabetes, and if it is His holy will, that He heal them […]


Prayer to St. Monica (mothers)

O glorious St Monica, patron saint of mothers, I come before you seeking your prayers for my children, especially (name person). You know well the anxieties of a mother and desires of a mother’s heart so I ask you to plead for the souls and safety of my children before the Lord.   Ask Him […]


Prayer to St. Michael (police officers)

O holy Archangel St. Michael, I ask your special protection and prayers for all police men and women, especially (name person).  Go with all the angels and saints before the throne of God and ask Him to keep them safe from harm, dedicated to serving and protecting their communities, and full of empathy and compassion […]

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