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Prayer to St. Cajetan (unemployed)

 St. Cajetan, you lovingly provided financial assistance to the unemployed and often went without in order to bless the families of the unemployed with the basic necessities of life.Pray dear saint for all those who are currently unemployed and seeking employment, especially (name person).Intercede for them now before the Lord and beg Him to not […]


Prayer to St. Margaret of Cortona (single parents)

Blessed St. Margaret of Cortona, you lived as a single mother and know well the struggles of raising a child.  You experienced firsthand the stresses and difficulties of being a single mother and you know what it is like to be judged by others and treated as someone who is considered unworthy.Pray sweet saint for […]


Prayer to St. Clare of Assisi (television)

 Gracious St. Clare, we turn to you for your intercession for those who work in television.   Pray, dear saint, that they are moral, produce television shows and movies that are uplifting and life-giving, and that they provide entertainment that is beneficial to those who are watching.   Television has great influence on society and […]


Prayer to St. Benedict Joseph Labre (homeless)

O dearest St. Benedict Joseph Labre, you who truly understand what it is like to be homeless, I ask your prayers on behalf of all those who are homeless, especially (name person). You were totally reliant upon the generosity and kindness of others. Pray that those who are homeless experience kindness, understanding, and love from […]


Prayer to St. Vincent Ferrer (construction workers)

 O blessed St. Vincent Ferrer, I come to you asking your intercession on behalf of (name person) and all who work in construction.   Pray dear saint that they be kept safe from harm and that they always have the tools and materials needed to do their job well.   Ask the Lord to bless […]


Prayer to St. Timothy (stomach ailments)

 O Blessed St. Timothy, martyr and bishop, we turn to you seeking your prayers for (name person) and all who are suffering with stomach ailments. Inspired by your zeal and with complete confidence in your intercession we place him/her in your competent hands trusting that you will carry (name person) to the Holy Trinity begging […]


Prayer to St. Thomas More (widowers)

O holy martyr, St. Thomas More, patron saint of widowers, hear my prayers for (name person) and all those whose wives have entered into eternal life.   Intercede on their behalf, presenting them at the feet of God asking His blessing of infinite love and mercy upon them.   Take up their causes and plead […]

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