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Prayer to St. Benedict Joseph Labre (homeless)

St. Benedict Joseph Labre color lithograph

O dearest St. Benedict Joseph Labre, you who truly understand what it is like to be homeless, I ask your prayers on behalf of all those who are homeless, especially (name person).

You were totally reliant upon the generosity and kindness of others. Pray that those who are homeless experience kindness, understanding, and love from others.

You know what it felt like to be turned away and scoffed at.

Pray that the wounds of their hearts will be healed and that they can openly embrace the charity of others.

Through your gracious intercession may they find safe places to lay their heads, friendly and accepting places to eat meals, and supportive places to bathe and receive medical care.

Thank you dear saint for your prayers. Amen.

Written by:   Ann Fitch

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