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Prayer to St. Peter Damian (insomniacs)

St. Peter Damian portrait by Andrea Barbiani - Biblioteca Classense - Ravenna, Italy

St. Peter Damian, you were an insomniac for a long period of time.   You understand how difficult it is to function after a sleepless night, how hard it is to be kind, understanding and loving when you are exhausted, how frustrating it is to be tired and unable to do your best.

Please intercede for (name person) before the throne of God and ask that if it be God’s will that (name person) be able to rest peacefully at night and no longer suffer with insomnia.  

If it is not God’s will at this time I ask for (name person) to have the grace to use any sleepless hours as a time of prayer, offering that sleeplessness for the souls who most need God’s love and mercy.  

St. Peter Damian, thank you for your prayers.   Amen.

Written by:   Ann Fitch

Image Credit: Door Andrea Barbiani - SANTO DO DIA: SÃO PEDRO DAMIÃO – 21 DE FEVEREIRO - paroquiaurussanga.com.br, Publiek domein, Link

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