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Prayer to St. Peregrine (cancer patients)

St. Peregrine Mosaic - The Grotto - Portland, OR

O blessed St. Peregrine, who was miraculously cured of an incurable cancer, I come before you on behalf of all those who suffer with cancer, especially (name person).

I ask that you plead for them, asking God to bless their doctors with the wisdom and knowledge needed to bring their cancer into full remission or cure them of it completely.  

As they are being treated, ask the Lord to grant them the grace and strength to bear their illness with courage, patience and dignity.  

St. Peregrine, wonder-worker, I am confident in your help for all those afflicted with cancer, especially (name person).   Amen.

Written by:   Ann Fitch

Image Credit: photo by Marty Knowles

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