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Prayer to St. Lucy (blind/eye ailments)

St. Lucy stained glass - Holy Trinity Church - Skipton, North Yorkshire, England

O blessed St. Lucy, patron saint of the blind and those with eye ailments, I come before you seeking your prayers for (name person) and all who have eye problems.

Confident in your advocacy, I place them all at your feet so that you can carry them to the throne of God and present them to Him for His blessing.

Pray dear saint that if it is His holy will that He heal them completely and restore their eyes to full health.  

If it is not, pray they are filled with peace and that they can courageously face every day with hope and joy in their hearts.

Thank you, St. Lucy for your prayers.  

I trust in your patronage.   Amen.

Written by:   Ann Fitch

Image Credit:
St Lucy flickr photo by Lawrence OP shared under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC ) license

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