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Prayer to St. James the Greater (arthritis sufferers)

St. James the Greater stained glass window - Parish of the Assumption - Dover, NH

O St. James, patron saint of those who suffer from the crippling effects of arthritis, I ask that you place every person suffering from this disease, especially (name person), at the feet of God.

Pray that (name person) remains strong, that his/her body remains supple, and that he/she can enjoy full range of motion.

Please go before the Lord and ask Him to bless (name person) with courage, strength and patience in dealing with the effects of this disease.

Ask that if it is His holy will that He alleviate all his/her suffering and restore (name person) to health.

I ask this in Jesus' Name.   Amen.

Written by:   Ann Fitch

Image Credit: Unknown

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