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Prayer to St. Gabriel Possenti (college students)

St. Gabriel Possenti

 St. Gabriel Possenti, great student who loved learning, I ask you to look after (name student) and all students who are studying in college.

I ask you to place them at the feet of the Father and pray that they are surrounded with good friends who lead them ever closer to Him, excellent teachers who give wise counsel, the ability to concentrate in class, the discipline to complete all work that is due, the understanding necessary to succeed in their studies, and the determination to remain focused on their education and committed to their goals.

You, St. Gabriel Possenti, know well what is required of a student, please pray that (name student) is successful in all his/her endeavors at school.

Thank you for your care and intercession. Amen.

Written by:   Ann Fitch

 Image Credit: Unknown

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