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Prayer of a Person with Dementia

Mental Health - Dementia

     Lord help me face this ever changing disease with grace and dignity and in a way that doesn’t burden and upset others.  I pray that I can make arrangements for my continued care and welfare and be content with who I have chosen to be responsible for decision making when I no longer can make decisions for myself.

    There are so many things to consider.  Bless me with independence for as long as possible and lead me to medical help that will provide care that prolongs the quality of my life and keeps me vital, involved and capable of caring for myself.

     When and if the time comes that I can no longer remain at home caring for myself, send loving caregivers into my life who will treat me with gentleness, kindness, dignity, and respect.  As my mind and body begin to give way to the later stages of dementia, help me to be patient and compassionate towards those who are caring for me.

     Grace me with courage and tenacity and remove any fears I have.  Lord, I trust in You and know that You will be with me every moment of every day. Allow me to always feel Your presence and rest in Your comforting love.  I especially ask for a grateful heart for every moment I can recognize those I love and recall the experiences of my life.

     And, I pray that You bless me with humble acceptance of this disease and its many stages.  Allow me to live as full a life as possible and grant that those I love not suffer because of me and my needs.  Instead, draw us closer together as a family and bless our love for one another. 


Written by:   Ann Fitch


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